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Johannes Brahms: Sixteen Lieder
(Lieder Volume I)
for Horn

This is a collection of some of my favorite art songs. This edition is in the same key as my transcription for trombone, which makes it ideal for players looking for study and performance material in the horn's middle to low range.

The edition also includes an accompaniment CD. It consists of the piano parts to each of the songs in the printed keys, as well as 10 of them transposed up a fifth.  While playing with a live accompanist is always preferable to playing along with a recording, these accompaniments can be an enjoyable substitute when the real thing isn't available.

Piano Score (with German lyrics), Horn Part, CD,& English paraphrases of the German texts.


Listen to a sample accompaniment track


Download a PDF file of the song & play along

Ach Wende.pdf

See english paraphrases of the song texts.