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Robert Schumann: Three Fantasy Pieces & Six Songs
for Trombone

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Schumann's Three Fantasy Pieces were originally written for clarinet, with alternate editions for violin and cello. They are beautiful, lyrical pieces that will provide both musical and technical challenges to the accomplished trombonist. The six songs here are just a few of my favorites from Schumann's vast output.

This publication includes Piano score, trombone part, and accompaniment CD

Three Fantasy Pieces Op. 73
Six Songs
In der Fremde
Op. 25, #1
Op. 25, #8
Op. 39, #1
Die Lotosblume
Du bist wie eine Blume
Dein Angesicht
Op. 25, #7
Op. 25, #24
Op. 127, #2

CD Info

Listen to the accompaniment track to Fantasy Piece #1

Listen to the accompaniment track to In der Fremde

Download pdf files of the trombone parts to play along.