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Temple University Wind Symphony
Arthur D. Chodoroff, conductor
Jonathan Blumenfeld, Eric Carlson, & Anthony M. Gigliotti, Soloists
Karel Husa, guest conductor

Albany Records #Troy 271
1.   Rimsky-
Variations on a Theme of Glinka for
Solo Oboe & Military Band
Jonathan Blumenfeld, oboe
2.   Rimsky-
Concerto for Clarinet & Military Band
Anthony M. Gigliotti, clarinet
3.   Rimsky-
Concerto for Trombone & Military Band
Eric Carlson, trombone
4.   Karel Husa
Music for Prague, 1968
Karel Husa, conductor
5.   Sergei
Athletic Festival March, Op. 69, #1

"The three works Rimsky-Korsakov wrote in 1877 and 1878 when he was Inspector of the Imperial Naval Bands are among the finest pieces for solo instruments and band that exist.
....The Trombone Concerto is a special favorite of mine....
Performances are all first rate. For the three Rimsky works you'll do no better than these three performances. Albany's sound is superb. This is a fine release.