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Brahms: Sacred Lullaby Texts and Ranges

Texts from Brahms: Sacred Lullaby 

(Text of the ancient Carol)
Joseph,my dear Joseph, help me rock my lovely baby;
in Heaven you will be rewarded by God, the Son of the Virgin Mary

(Text after Lope de Vega by Geibel)
You that hover about these palms in night and wind,
you holy angels,
silence the treetops! My child is slumbering.
You palms of Bethelehem in the roar of the wind,
how can you rustle so angrily today?
Be quiet, bow down softly and mildly.
Silence the treetops, my child is slumbering.

The heavenly infant is suffering hardships;
oh, how he has been wearied by the earths sorrow.
Now softly soothed in sleep, his distress fades away.
Silence the tretops, My child is slumbering!
Cruel coldness whirs down;
whatever can I use to cover the child's limbs?
O all you angels that wander winged in the wind,
silence the treetops! My child is slumbering.