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Johannes Brahms: Sixteen Lieder for Trombone
(Lieder Volume I)

This is a collection of a few of my favorite art songs. I love Brahms' songs for the richness of his piano writing, as well as for the beautiful vocal lines. These songs are challenging musically, but not physically taxing, which makes them wonderful for recitals, as well as for your own enjoyment in the practice room.

This edition includes an accompaniment CD of the piano parts to each of the songs in the printed keys, as well as10 of them transposed up a fifth. About the CD

Piano Score (with German lyrics), Trombone Part, CD,& English paraphrases of the German texts.


Song Texts
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"an outstanding collection of songs masterfully edited by Eric Carlson.   This collection is a must for all trombonists"

Thomas Zugger  
The ITA Journal